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Our in-depth research focuses on AI and Generative AI applications, serving as a compass for your strategic and operational advancements.

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We provide expert advice to shape your strategies and ensure your products align perfectly with market needs in the AI tech landscape.

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We bolster your brand’s presence with support for AI-focused events and webinars, putting your technological leadership on center stage.


Rajesh Kandaswamy

AI Strategy Advisor | Board Member | Aspiring Founder
Former Gartner Chief of Research & Fellow

Rajesh Kandaswamy focuses on helping companies with their strategy for AI, generative AI and other emerging technologies. This includes strengthening their business, technology and marketing strategies to exploit AI successfully or maximizing growth in the market for AI products and services.

Rajesh Kandaswamy

Our Services

Through board representation and advisory services, we work with established technology companies and AI start-ups to elevate their strategy, and maximize growth in the market for AI products and services.

Research Services

Leverage our insights to navigate disruptive innovation and harness value creation driven by these groundbreaking technologies.

Advisory Services

Utilize our advice to strengthen your go-to-market approaches, built on our deep understanding of AI trends and market dynamics.

Engagement Services

Through our engagement, we work to enhance your product recognition and credibility within the industry.

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Recent News and Articles

Rajesh Kandaswamy has published a series of research and articles spanning AI technologies, strategy, products, market dynamics, books and more. His insights and expertise serve as a compass for businesses seeking to uncover the most value through AI.