Our Services

Through board representation and advisory services, we work with established technology companies and AI start-ups to elevate their strategy, and maximize growth in the market for AI products and services.

Research Services:

  • Our in-depth research focuses on AI and Generative AI applications, serving as a compass for your strategic and operational advancements.
  • Leverage our insights to navigate disruptive innovation and harness value creation driven by these groundbreaking technologies.

Advisory Services:

  • We provide expert advice to shape your strategies and ensure your products align perfectly with market needs in the AI tech landscape.
  • Utilize our advice to strengthen your go-to-market approaches, built on our deep understanding of AI trends and market dynamics.

Engagement Services:

  • We bolster your brand’s presence with support for AI-focused events and webinars, putting your technological leadership on center stage.
  • Through our engagement, we work to enhance your product recognition and credibility within the industry.


Rajesh Kandaswamy

Rajesh Kandaswamy

AI Strategy Advisor | Board Member | Aspiring Founder
Former Gartner Chief of Research & Fellow