Navigating the AI Partnership Landscape: Opportunities and Considerations

In my LinkedIn feed today, three key updates stood out: Meta‘s collaboration with Microsoft on Llama, SAP‘s investments in Cohere, Anthropic, & Aleph Alpha, and McKinsey & Company‘s alliance with Cohere. This trend of joining forces in #AI is accelerating, with providers keen to strengthen their portfolios through strategic partnerships.

However, alliances often resemble hasty marriages of convenience. There’s no inherent harm and many will create value, but caution is advised when interpreting their potential impact. Before assuming that the fusion of powerful brands will automatically yield superior outcomes, consider the following:

☑️ What specific offerings result from these partnerships, and how exactly are they superior?
☑️ When will these offerings become available to you? (I have an earlier post on this problem of premature announcements.)
☑️ Does this partnership lock you into contracts with two vendors instead of one, complicating future switching?

Partnerships can indeed result in innovative, valuable offerings. However, such benefits are neither automatic nor immediate.

What do you think about such partnerships? Do partnerships influence your investments?

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Rajesh Kandaswamy

Rajesh Kandaswamy

AI Strategy Advisor | Board Member | Aspiring Founder
Former Gartner Chief of Research & Fellow